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Community Spotlight: Pamala and Kenneth Bindrup


Pamala Sutton Bindrup has lived in Utah since she was 5 years oldÓfirst in Washington Terrace and then Mountain Green. She and her three sisters were raised in the Terrace. Her father was a linotype operator for the Standard-Examiner. She remembers when she was a child going down to the newspaper office, and he would run a slug with her name on it which could be printed with ink. When computers replaced linotypes, her father retired. She said that the keyboard for the linotype was totally different than a computer keyboard. Her mother managed S & H Green Stamps, which was on Harrison Blvd. When Pam was 15, the houses in Washington Terrace were renovated. They were originally family housing for the Army and were twin homes. Each twin home was separated into two homes and a basement was poured; brick was added to the outside. Families could choose between 3 or 4 different designs for the remodeling. After the houses were complete, Ken Bindrup’s family moved in the house next door. Ken had grown up in River Heights in Logan. His dad owned a service station and then worked for Hill AFB. After about 10 years of commuting from Logan, the family moved to Washington Terrace. Pam said when she saw Ken, it was love at first sight. But that he spent two years ignoring her; he would rather restore old cars than go on a date, she said. After high school, Ken joined the Army Reserves. Pam went to nursing school for three years at St. Benedicts and lived in the dorms. Back then, nursing students couldn’t marry until they had finished their schooling. Pam said that the curriculum was all consuming and she could understand why there wasn’t time for anything else but school. She graduated on Aug. 15, 1962, and they were married two days later on Aug. 17. Their 50th wedding anniversary will be next month. They lived in the apartments above Linquist Mortuary for a time and then moved to the little red house on the old highway in Mountain Green (owned by the Poll family). Ken worked with George Pate pouring foundations for houses, and they were working on Verl Poll’s home. Ken ate his lunch at the top of the hill (where their house now stands) and thought this would be a great place to build a house. They received the lot from the Polls in exchange for putting in the roads and the water system. They have lived in the house they built for 49 years. After working for 15 or 20 years in this line of work, Ken went back to school and became an electrician and subsequently worked for Bills Superior Electric until he retired. Pam worked as a nurse; first for 10 years at Ogden Regional (part time) and after a four year break, she worked full time for McKay Dee for 26 years. She retired several years ago. Ken and Pam have four children: Mike (Darcel) live in Washington Terrace, they have four girls and a boy; Steven (Candace) live in OgdenÓthree boys, two girls;Trisha (married to Dave Buck) has four boys and lives in Ogden, and Kristen (married to Mike Cragun) has four children, two boys, two girls and they live in Mountain Green. The Bindrups used to go bow hunting as a family every year. They love to go boating and still go to Lake Powell in the summer. Ken likes to hunt, and Pam says she likes to knit and read. They both have had numerous church callings. Ken has spent the majority of his time in scouting and still serves in that capacity. Pam has served in all the organizations and has been president of all of them as well as a teacher. She now serves in scouting as a den leader. They served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Manchester, Vermont Mission with the facilities management and served at the Joseph Smith Birth Place Memorial for 18 months in 2003-2004. In recent years, they have been able to travel to Budapest, Rome and go on cruises with Pam’s sister and her husband.

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