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40th Anniversary – The Rindlesbachs


40 years ago our parents met in Riverton, Utah, when they were both 18 years old. Ken and Chrys Rindlesbach met through a blind date that Ken’s sister and Chrys’ sister set up, because they were in the same ward. Ken knew the moment he saw Chrys she was the one because he would only let the pretty girls sit next to him in his car. Chrys thought Ken was very handsome and loved a man with sideburns and a cool car. They dated for about nine months. One night as Ken was driving Chrys home she said, I think we should get married, and Ken said Yes! A couple of weeks later they picked out a ring and planned the wedding in the Salt Lake City Temple on Aug. 4, 1972. Their first year of marriage was hard like most couples, especially since they were only 19 years old. Ken was working a lot at starting a construction company while Chrys was carrying their first child. Jason was born a few weeks after their first year of marriage and as time went on, Ken and Chrys had four more children Adrianne, Juston, Aimee, and Jesse. As of today they have three daughters-in-law, nine grandchildren and three dogs that they count as grand-pups. Their children have a great love for their parents and we are grateful that they taught how to work and be caring and loving of others. Mom and Dad, we wish you both a very happy 60th birthday and we are grateful that you showed us how through strong love and sometimes a little picking at each other can make a wonderful 40 years of marriage. Love you both! ~ Your Kids

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