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Rodeo Queen and Head Wrangler announced


Kacee Waldron was crowned Morgan County Fair Queen Monday night at the rodeo. Reganne Hales Princess and Taylor Porter Jr. Princess. With a personality to light up the arena, as well as the backstage, Tiffany Chappell was voted as Miss Congeniality. Kacee is not new to the rodeo Queen circuit. She was 1st attendant in the Morgan County Fair two years ago. She was named Morgala Days Queen last year which has been a tradition in her family. Her mother was Morgala Days Queen when she was Kacee’s age years ago. Morgala Days has been canceled so Kacee may never be relieved of her reign. Kacee didn’t rest on her prior experience. The days before the competition she studied as much as she could so she would be ready for any question the judges asked. She talked to her vet, she read a book and newspapers, as well as anywhere she could find information pertaining to queening and current events in the rodeo world. She found she had over studied because they didn’t ask about things she was certain they would ask. She was able to answer questions no other contestant could. The new queen happily talked about how her favorite part of the competition was having fun with all of the girls in the event and the fun they had together. She especially enjoyed competing with her cousins Madison and Taylor Porter. Tuesday, Brad Halverson was named as the Head Wrangler for the 2012 Morgan County Fair. Trevor Weaver, 1st Wrangler and Tres Vigoren, 2nd Wrangler rounded out the competition. Daxton Rowser was honored as the Rookie of the Year. These young men are extremely hard working and dedicated to their sport. Brad didn’t kick back and relax after the competition. He was unavailable all day, working hard outside. The day wasn’t all delicate riding, poise and composure, Monday included rough riding and big spills as well. The gate opened and let over 250 kids hang on for the ride of their life Monday night. The junior rodeo participants bucked and raced out of the shoots for four hours as hundreds of spectators cheered on the miniature riders. The itinerary included mutton busters, bucking ponies, calf riders, steer riders, mini bulls, barrels, poles, key hole, goat tie, calf roping, and team roping. From toddlers to teens, no animal was an easy ride. The youngest contestants were challenged with staying for bare back sheep riding and stick horse barrels. Some of these young kids stayed until 11 p.m. for their turn to show their adventures skills. Only the oldest kids were allowed to take a turn on the mini bulls. The bulls proved to be challenging to all the participants as they each took their turn being bucked off. Mason Rowser stayed on longer and stronger than anyone else in the 5 and under category. Austin Hamblin had the top score in the 5-8 year old category after the buzzer rang. There will be more opportunity to watch these little mutton busters on Friday and Saturday during the main event rodeo. It has often been said that big time rodeo cowboys often attribute their first rodeo experience to mutton busting. The junior rodeo offered a chance for all children to participate, not just those who wanted to brave the rough stock. Dozens of children lined the edge of the arena at different points of the night. The goal was to capture the animals in the arena. At the end of the night bunnies, geese and chickens were carried home by the children that caught them. Two greased pigs were also caught. Luckily those winners were awarded cash instead of swine. The junior rodeo has been a tradition at the Morgan County rodeo however changes over the last few years have increased its popularity. There has been a junior rodeo forever, said Krissy Pentz, junior rodeo coordinator. She explained that three years ago she and her husband Eli Pentz took over the event. Up until that time the junior rodeo had been held on Saturday during the day. The rodeo would be during the hottest time of the day and discourage families from participating. After the Morgan couple took over they were able to contract rough stock animals on a separate night of the week. She has found this has increased the participants drastically each year. For example, last year the rodeo featured eight calf riders, while this year’s event boasted over 30. Congratulations to all of the 2012 Morgan County Fair Royalty, as well as to all of those who worked hard and competed alongside of them. The day wasn’t all delicate riding, poise and composure. Monday included rough riding and big spills, too.

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