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River Valley Hospital adds new team member


Marion Lott, founder of River Valley Veterinary Hospital, has always taken great care and dedication in ensuring optimal service to both the animals in need and their owners. One might say that Marion’s dedication originated from as early as 1988 when his business was first established. He’s always been a very hard worker and genuinely cares for those he serves, though his caring attributes don’t stop there. Lott has always found a way to be there for his kids, despite his busy schedule. Lott’s daughter, Jessica, remarked, I remember going with him in the truck when I was two. Her father’s great example inspired Jessica to become more involved with the business. As a sophomore in high school, she began taking on more responsibility and has been working behind the front desk for the past 13 years. Now she completes most of the same tasks as her father. The only animals she doesn’t help with are snakes, of which she is completely terrified. Jason, Lott’s son, is the newest member of the River Valley team. He had originally planned on becoming an M.D., but with the many daunting years of medical school looming on the horizon, he shifted his focus to veterinary studies instead. Jason graduated in May and has been working with his dad and sister ever since. The whole Lott family loves their jobs because of the diversity. They work with many animals, large and small. There is never a dull moment and they never get bored. Their service is great; they can usually get patients in the same day as the call, and they go off sight quite frequently. A great service they provide is in-house diagnostics. They also do their best to stay current with available treatments, such as acupuncture, of which Jason is certified. Because there are now three vets, there is almost always someone in the office. This unique veterinary team has big hearts and they’re always ready to serve those in need. There is always a cat around at River Valley Veterinary Hospital. The staff takes great care in finding a feline that isn’t afraid of dogs. Every cat they’ve kept, they’ve rescued from animal control. Most of these animals would have otherwise been put down. Their hope is that maybe their wandering cats will bring a smile to an otherwise pain stricken face. The Lotts at River Valley Veterinary Hospital are certainly among the greatest of hearts, and incredible contributors to our community. We thank them for their many years of devoted service.

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