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Splash pad entertains Evanston visitors


When the Morgan City Council envisioned the Riverside Park splash pad, one of the things they hoped it would do is bring out-of-town visitors to generate revenue for other Morgan businesses, and it has done just that. Michal Smith with the Evanston Child Development Center said that she was thrilled when one of the teachers told her about the Morgan splash pad. We were planning to go to a different splash pad and then one of the new teachers told me about the new pad in Morgan, and we changed our plans. She went on to say that all the kids had a really good time and that they will be returning for sure. All the kids from the center were darting between the playground and the splash pad having a great time. August Nelson said, The kids love that the park is right next to the splash pad, and we love it as well. It makes it much easier for us to keep an eye on all the kids. Nelson also commented on the convenience saying how nice it is that the drive to Morgan is only 45 minutes. Our other choices are to go to Rock Springs or Salt Lake, and an hour and a half is a long time in a bus full of kids, so this is a great option for us.

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