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County library holds summer reading program


Each summer the Morgan County Library sponsors a reading club as an incentive to keep the mind sharp and the imagination active. Last Thursday, participants celebrated their commitment to reading with an end of the summer Pajama-Rama party. Each week throughout the summer, participants earned prizes by reading a specified number of pages. Kids and adults alike could choose weekly prizes including books, toys, and certificates to local businesses. To cap off the successful reading program, children wearing pajamas came for a morning event full of books, food and fun. The party began with the reading of several bedtime favorites such as Going to Sleep on the Farm, a popular children’s book written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison. Afterward children participated in different activity stations, each emphasizing the bedtime theme. At one station children made bedtime blankets. At another, they glued multicolored yarn hair to create their very own unique fairy. The saying goes that these fairies would help ensure good dreams. Many were eager to share their dreams. Matthew Allen excitedly related his dreams of Transformers battling Decepticons. The subject of Daniel Erickson’s dreams focused on the Power Rangers. Many other images of the subconscious were shared including the dream James Erickson had of eating apples. Another station enabled children to reenact their dreams. Soon young boys and girls transformed themselves by dressing up as fairies, cowboys and princesses. To get their wiggles out, kids jumped up and down a relay course in pillowcases. As the event wrapped up, everyone was treated to a yummy brunch. Young readers across the county not only enjoyed the weekly prizes and culminating celebration, but also the enchanting journey along the way. Hannah Erickson shared her enthusiasm of the reading program as she told how her love of reading helped her earn many prizes like her very own sketchpad, candy, and even a book. Siblings, Preston and Lydeah Johnson, also shared in the excitement of earning prizes. Preston was equally excited for the opportunity to learn more as he read the many books required to be eligible for the weekly prize redemption. His sister’s favorite part was learning about a multitude of different things through her favorite books. Whether they read mysteries, or comedies, science fiction or autobiographies, not only were participants awarded with prizes, but they were also given a special intangible gift. The true reward is the lifelong gift for the love of learning, the expansion of the mind, and the adventures to other realms all magically encapsulated in the pages of good books.

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