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Taggarts welcomes HGTV; loses water


Monday is usually a pretty low key day at Taggart’s Grill, but this week was different. HGTV’s House Hunters team paid a visit to the local restaurant to shoot footage for their show. House Hunters will take viewers behind the scenes as Jacade and Kari Ross learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Jacade is from Morgan, and the show will focus on the couple’s experience of finding and purchasing a new home. Homes from Lehi to Ogden will be featured in this episode. Tom Brickner, the show’s producer, said that they are on about a 3 month turn around right now so the episode should air sometime in November. Watch for a full behind-the-scenes story with the Ross family on the process of making a reality show in next week’s paper. This was not the only excitement at Taggart’s. The restaurant briefly lost their water supply last week. It was discovered that the perforations were clogged with scale and lime, so they had to bring in a drilling machine to clean it out. The drill that was sent in was from the 1940’s and may be the exact rig that originally drilled the well. The truck is from the 1960s and was driven by Bob Sutton. The process worked well and Taggart’s has been back up and running smoothly ever since.

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