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55 Alive Class Aug. 6 from 9 a.m til 1. Please let us know if you would like to attend since there is limited space. Anyone who has been in the education field can attend for $4, AARP members $12 and non-members $14. You can receive a discount on your car insurance for a three year period just for taking this class. Marie Nye is an excellent teacher and you gain a great deal of knowledge about your driving habits. September 11: Temple trip – please call Emma Lou to sign up. Lunch at noon. 12: Enjoy a ride up to Jeremy Ranch and around the Jordanelle and Echo dams following lunch on Wednesday. The group will leave around 1:30. 13: Right after lunch there will be a book review. Just come and relax and listen to a very interesting book. 19: Have lunch and then a great hand massage with ShaRon. The massages and conversation are free and then everyone will be put into a drawing for free hand lotion. 20: Blood pressures with Alice Hirai. Then following lunch, Madeline, from USU Extension Office, will give everyone tips on nutrition, plus have samples for your enjoyment. 25: Foot Clinic with Happy Feet. Please call in for your reservations: 845-4040. 26: Back massages with Val. Cost is $5 for 10 minutes. Please sign up when you come or we can put your name down by calling the center. Appointments will begin at 12:30. 28: The Annual Fall Leaf Tour to Cache Valley will leave the center at 9 a.m. with Mary Kaye as your volunteer driver. Enjoy a fun day of sightseeing, eating, gathering goodies and great companionship. The group will return around 3 – so plan your day. Keep in mind all the great volunteers we have serving everyone at the center and give them an occasional “thank you” – they do many kind acts! Come and check out the new computers at the senior center. They are here for everyone to enjoy. Loiis Woody is willing to help you out with any of your questions. Let’s get you started.

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