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Anniversary – Rex & Janeal Wilkinson


Fifty years ago, September 14, Rex and Janeal Wilkinson started their eternal family. Captain of the football team and a dancer on the drill team, these two high school sweethearts were meant to be together. Their love has truly been strengthened through the years. Rex has always been a gifted designer and builder. He built the current home they live in on Old Highway Road. He loves working with his hands and creating new fun projects for everyone to enjoy. He is a great example of hard work and sacrifice. Janeal is very talented with music and drama. She has written and directed several programs for the youth of the church. They were inspiring and unforgettable to all those who were privileged to be involved. She encourages everyone to find their talents. Together they have served two full time LDS missions. They love serving the Lord and bringing lambs into the fold. These missions have given them eternal joy. They have lived in Minnesota, Nibley, UT, and finally made their permanent home here in Mountain Green. Their joy and love increased as they welcomed each of their seven children and their spouses into the family; Clay (Barbara), Pam (Ken) Sessions, David, Van (Erin), Chad (Carol), Doug (Michele), Tawnya (Michael) McConkie. They also have 22 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Family is everything to them. Whether it is Grandma’s famous homemade cookies or Grandpa’s extraordinary tree house everyone is loved and spoiled in the Wilkinson home. To honor this incredible milestone their family celebrated in Jackson Hole and at their family campgrounds in Mountain Green.

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