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Find Your Family – Most popular baby names of 1901


Recently the Social Security Administration reported the most popular baby names from 1901. The following is the list. This may give you some insight into why your grandparents or great grandparents have their name: Girls names: 20. Rose 19. Bertha 18. Clara 17. Emma 16. Annie 15 Grace 14. Mildred 13. Edna 12. Alice 11. Gladys 10. Lillian 9. Ethel 8. Florence 7. Marie 6. Elizabeth 5. Ruth 4. Margaret 3. Anna 2. Helen 1. Mary Boys Names: 20. Roy 19. Paul 18. Fred 17. Clarence 16. Willie 15. Albert 14. Arthur 13. Harry 12. Walter 11. Thomas 10. Henry 9. Edward 8. Frank 7. Robert 6. Joseph 5. Charles 4. George 3. James 2. William 1. John Some of the names are classic and have stood the test of time. Some have been popular for years. William has been a popular name since William the conqueror invaded and conquered England. Mary has been popular for obvious reasons. The same is true of Joseph, Thomas, and other biblical names. Some names wax and wane. There are not many Ednas or Berthas now. There are also not as many Franks or Willies as there used to be. It is interesting to note that the 2011 most popular names for boys were: 5. Noah 4. Jayden 3. William 2. Mason 1. Jacob For girls they were: 5. Ava 4. Olivia 3. Emma 2. Isabella 1. Sophia It will be interesting to see how many of the 2011 names stand the test of time. Some already have, others only time will tell. It will also be interesting to see which of the names from 1901 find their way back to the top again.

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