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Giant pumpkin takes top honors


The Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers held their annual weigh-off on Sept. 29 at Thanksgiving Point. There was a lot of excitement as the pumpkins were weighed from smallest to largest. As the pumpkins got bigger, the crowd grew both in size and intensity. This year newcomer Wade Schmid, from Enterprise, brought two giant pumpkins to the table. He huge gourds measured in at 479.5 pounds and 510.5 pounds. Wade is only 15 years old and took home third place in the 16 and under division. An impressive 89 pumpkins were weighed at the event. Third place was taken by Ross Bowman from Brigham City with a weight of 1,013.5. Kyle Fox from Pleasant Grove took home second place with a personal best weight of 1171.5. Our very own Tyler Quigley from Mountain Green proudly took home the first place trophy with an outrageous personal best weight of 1,454.5 pounds. Quigley said, Growing pumpkins and the pumpkin weigh off is a family event where families come together to celebrate the pumpkin season. My girls were so excited to drive home with the trophy and see people’s faces on as they drove up beside us taking pictures and honking.

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