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News Briefs for Oct. 12, 2012


City reviews interlocal agreement with the Recreation Board The interlocal agreement between the recreation board and the city is up for renewal. The recreation board is formed as an entity that provides recreation for the county and has interlocal agreements with Morgan City, Morgan County, and the Morgan County School District. The city wants to have dialog with the recreation board on how recreation will be funded in the future. The city council expressed concern that the recreation board is not funded correctly for a modern recreation program. They also commented that they want to understand what services the recreation board will provide for city residents. The city is considering requesting that the recreation board acquire a liability policy to provide protection for all the entities that participate in the recreation board. City questions value of fire and ambulance interlocal agreement The city council is asking the question about why the city is paying extra for ambulance and fire services. City residents are receiving the same services as county residents. They do not understand why the city should pay additional fees for a service that the county provides for all county residents. City residents pay the same tax as all other county residents. The present arrangement means that city residents are contributing more taxes toward these service than county residents outside Morgan City even though they receive the same services. The city council approved giving notice to the county that they will terminate the interlocal agreement unless the county can demonstrate meaningful enhanced services for city residents.

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