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BMX youth wins state competition


There has been quite a storm of interest in the mountain biking and BMX industry in Morgan as of late. There is a new mountain biking team featuring students from Morgan High and local resident, Jason Johnson, has proposed a new bike track in the area. This may be a great idea for kids like Brewer Snedden. Brewer is the son of Brody and Andi Snedden of Morgan. Snedden is a student at Morgan Middle School and has always wanted to be a BMX rider. When he was six years old, he would use ramps to jump hurdles. Riding bikes of any kind was always a much loved activity. Recently, Brewer began entering into local BMX competitions. He began competing in May and has already won 14 different trophies. His awards include nine first place trophies, four second place and two third place awards. Snedden’s largest trophy was for his first place win in a state-wide competition. Snedden hopes to inspire other kids to compete and is excited at the prospect that Morgan may soon have a place for him to practice.

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