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**TV tower upgrades cause hiccup in channel 11 reception On Nov. 1, Morgan’s digit to analog television conversion was finalized with $71,000 worth of equipment installation. However, older TV sets are still having problems displaying the three KBYU channels, or channel 11. Morgan County Councilwoman Ronda Kippen advised residents to rescan their television in order to ensure that channel 11 is reprogrammed properly. Those residents with newer television sets that automatically rescan whenever they are turned on likely have no problems receiving channel 11. The new equipment brings four new translators, a set of antennas, and new combiners to Morgan to replace equipment originally installed in 1982. A federal National Telecommunications and Information Administration grant paid for the upgrades, which will hopefully improve reception in the county. Kippen said reception should improve by as much as 30 percent. People should see better reception from these upgrades, Kippen said. Now that the county has hired a full-time facilities manager, Kippen said maintenance of Morgan’s TV tower will likely improve. **Alert neighbor prevents house fire An alert neighbor helped prevent a house fire Nov. 3. A man could hear a smoke detector and walked around the neighborhood until he saw smoke coming from the eaves of a home on Scott Circle in Morgan City, said Morgan County Chief Deputy Ken Edwards. The neighbor opened the front door to be met by a huge billow of smoke. When the sheriff’s office and county fire department responded, they found the source of the fire was food left cooking on the stove. Edwards said the home received little fire and smoke damage because of the quick response. **Sheriff’s office searches for painting The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a large framed painting stolen from the Vallis Hotel some time in the last four months. Anyone that recognizes the painting or has information leading to its current location is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (801) 829-0590.

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