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Dual immersion research continues


Morgan County School officials promised constituents they would look into a dual immersion language program at area elementary schools. As part of that promise, the community councils at both Morgan and Mountain Green elementary schools have written a survey to measure interest in the area. The survey will ask parents which language they would want their children to learn and what location they prefer. The survey would list languages in alphabetical order and ask survey takers to rank those languages in order of preference. Community council members said the question of the program’s location is almost as controversial as which language is taught. Since they anticipate high interest in the program, the community councils plan to iron out a selection process as well. So far, they have discussed both a lottery or weighted criteria process. Already, a private half-day kindergarten immersion program teaching Chinese is being held in the Mountain Green area. I have had quite a few phone calls on this, school board member Jody Hipwell said. There are a lot of assumptions out there. Community council representatives said they are preparing to present a recommendation to the school board in March.

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