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Driving without lights leads to county’s first officer-involved shooting in 15 years


What started out as a Morgan County deputy noticing a driver driving without any lights on along Interstate 84 ended up in a high speed chase spanning three counties and the first officer-involved shooting in the county in at least 15 years. At about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, a Morgan deputy noticed Kristine Nicole Biggs, of Whitewater, Colo., using a turn signal to pass a semi. She was driving without any lights and without the turn signal, the deputy may not have noticed her. It was later determined her lights were operable, but not in use at the time. The Morgan deputy chased the GMC pickup truck first eastbound on I-84 at speeds up to 90 miles per hour, then westbound until Utah Highway Patrol Troopers deployed spike strips near the Weber/Morgan County line. She continued to drive another 6 miles on three flattened tires. In South Weber, Biggs took the toll road exit 85 and faced surrounding agencies attempting to box her in. She then rammed two Morgan County Sheriff vehicles in an attempt to flee and/or harm the officers involved. The pursuit came to an end when one Morgan deputy fired a single shot from his firearm. The bullet entered the windshield and struck Bigg’s left eye. Although she will likely lose the eye, the injury is not life-threatening. Biggs was listed in critical condition at an area hospital. The Davis County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into the shooting, which officially occurred in Davis County. Per policy, the Morgan County Sheriff’s office is also conducting its own internal investigation. In the meantime, one officer has been placed on administrative leave. Morgan County Sheriff Blaine Breshears said in his 10-deputy department, one deputy on leave has an impact on scheduling. It affects us and makes things difficult, he said. But we do what we have to do, just like if someone was out for injury or illness. The two Morgan sheriff vehicles involved did not sustain extensive damage and are still operable. It appears at this point, alcohol was a factor in the pursuit, according to a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office release. Colorado has a felony warrant for Bigg’s arrest for failure to comply with judicial orders.

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