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Students giving time and help for those in need


Morgan’s High FFA and FCCLA organizations are teaming up with the Student Body Officers, MMS, & MES for this year’s Sub for Santa. These two groups have helped Morgan County residence for the Sub for Santa program for several years. These two high school organizations have divided up the responsibilities for those who need help for Christmas. The FCCLA organization is responsible for collecting items for families who have asked for assistance in bringing Christmas to their family. The FCCLA will have a tree in the Morgan Ridley’s with requested items. A person or an organization may take a request to fill and then return the tag with the item back to Ridley’s or bring it to Morgan High before the deadline that will be stated on the tree. The tree will be set up for two weeks or more in Ridley’s during the month of December. The Morgan High School FFA Chapter is responsible for the collection of donated money or food pantry items. The Morgan High School FFA Chapter, long with the Morgan FFA Alumni Club, will help in collecting donated food items through out Morgan Valley. Food donation boxes can be found at the following local business; Morgan’s Ridley’s, Hinds Quick Stop and Old Farmers Market. The Morgan High FFA Chapter has also asked for help from Morgan Elementary, along with Morgan Middle School, in collecting food items. The community can bring or send their food items to any local school or mentioned businesses. The Morgan Middle School has a competition between each grade, to see which grade can bring in the most food items. The high school’s first hour classes also hold their own competition, to see which class can bring in the most food or donate money to help with the Sub for Santa program. Teacher or teachers that win the competition reward their class with some type of party or breakfast in their class before the Christmas Break. Morgan County is a great place to live, with members of the community and students helping keep the spirit of giving and serving alive. Please help Morgan High School’s FFA and FCCLA Organization in making someone else’s Christmas and winter months, happy ones. If you have any question about helping these organizations, call after 2:30 p.m. and ask for Mrs. Carrigan, FCCLA Advisor or Ms Haslam, FFA Advisor.

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