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Cook’s Corner : Jane Cerfew


Seventeen years ago a teaching job brought Doug and Jane Curfew to Morgan. Since then, they have had the opportunity to serve many Morgan children. Doug, a fifth grade teacher at Morgan Elementary, plays a very influential role in the lives of these young children as they begin to make the transition from elementary to middle school. He really enjoys the students he teaches and they in turn enjoy him. The students especially enjoy Doug’s love of ÷80s music as they get to partake of it in the classroom. Growing up, Doug was an Army brat and has lived in Germany and in states all over the country. Fortunately for Doug, when his dad retired from the Army, he brought his family to Blanding, Utah. It was there Doug and Jane met and fell in love. Reminiscing on his LDS mission to France, Doug realized that he liked teaching and decided to create a career out of it. For the last 7 and a half years, Jane has run a licensed day care out of her home and feels especially blessed to be able to take care of these children as well as their two youngest right out of their home. Ashley, their oldest, is 19 and is studying history at Utah State University. Following in her parents footsteps of influencing children, Ashley wants to be a high school teacher when she grows up. She was especially excited after the recent announcement of the lowering of the ages for LDS missionaries. She cannot wait to put her papers in and will be doing so shortly. Fifteen-year-old Blaine is very musical. A sophomore in high school, he plays the piano, guitar, and trumpet and is a member of the symphonic and jazz bands. Daemian is seven and in the first grade. He has a special love for his LEGO collection and enjoys playing with the other children in the daycare. Being the youngest, 5-year-old Aidan pretty much loves to do whatever Daemian does. Doug’s moves around the country as a young child created a passion for travel and to this day the Curfew family enjoys traveling and seeing the country. Many fond memories have been made during trips to the Washington D.C. area, Disneyland and church history tours. They especially love spending time in the great outdoors. Many days are spent camping and fishing, where Doug enjoys tying flies. The family loves to spend time together and is often found playing board games, watching movies or participating in scouting activities in which the whole family is very involved. In her spare time Jane enjoys scrapbooking, reading and sewing. Running has become a recent passion, and Jane has been able to run a few half marathons with the encouragement of her sister. The Morgan community has been lifted by the presence of the Curfew family and the positive impact they have had on so many people here.

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