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Community Spotlight: Kip & Heidi Jones


It would be hard to keep up with the JonesesÓat least all that they have done in a short time. Dr. Kip and Heidi Jones live in Monte Verde, Mountain Green. Kip is a dentist in Layton and Heidi is a stay-at-home mom to their four girls. Both are natives of Utah, but they traveled a great deal in the early years of marriage before they returned home to Utah again. The Jones have lived in Morgan County the past six and a half years. Kip grew up with three brothers in Cache Valley for most of his childhood. His father was a professor of Parks and Recreation at Utah State University, and he also taught four years in Atlanta, GeorgiaÓwhich took the family to that state until Kip was 16. Kip played baseball, basketball and football in school; he graduated from Mountain Crest High School in 1992. Heidi grew up in RoyÓwith her three brothers and one sisterÓattending Sunset Elementary, Roy Junior and graduating from Roy High School in 1994. She participated in tumbling while in school. She started working in her dad’s chiropractic office as a receptionist at the age of 14 and did that for five years. She attended Weber State University for a year and she said, I changed my major six times. I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and marry a dentist. So, she did just that. Kip and Heidi met on a blind date. Kip was interested in the medical field, and Heidi suggested being a dentist and he liked that idea. Before he met Heidi, Kip went on a mission to Czechoslovakia from 1991-93. He was one of the last missionaries to be sent to that mission; the mission was split when the countries split into the Czeck Republic and Slovac Republic after Communism fell in 1989. He was home from his mission for a year when he and Heidi met. They were married in the Logan Temple. He then attended three more years of college, obtaining his under-graduate degree from Utah State. He and Heidi moved to Virginia so Kip could attend dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University. Heidi worked at the Ob-Gyn medical department as a receptionist. She did that until she had their first child, Kiah, the first of their daughters. After four years of dental school, Kip graduated in 2003. It was during their time in Virginia that 9-11 occurred and the plane hit the PentagonÓabout two hours from them. Also, it was when the sniper was randomly shooting people around the D.C and Virginia area. The closest victim was 20 miles away, but the authorities tried to arrest the sniper about one block from their house. Heidi said they couldn’t wait to come back to the West after Kip graduated. They did have some good experiences, too, traveling and seeing sights such as New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and visiting many beaches along the coast.

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