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Metal recycling proceeds benefit local school groups


It is no secret that Morgan County schools are hurting financially. With recent talks of budget cuts, voted leeways and tax increases, there is a lot of talk about what could be done to help alleviate the burden, but there isn’t a lot of action. Few people are willing step up to the plate to affect actual change. This is why local resident and co-owner of Allied Metals, Inc. Stuart Roper approached Paul Eastman at Ridley’s. The two discussed Roper’s plan to bring a metal recycling dumpster to the Ridley’s parking lot. Eastman agreed to house the blue metal bin in the parking lot of Ridley’s. Roper and his business partner Edward Harbertson, a former Morgan resident, agreed to donate all the proceeds of this dumpster to local schools. Each month, the proceeds will go to a different school or program. The breakdown will be as follows: March Ò Morgan Elementary School PTSO; April Ò Morgan Middle School PTSO; May Ò Mountain Green Elementary PTSO; June Ò MHS Cheerleaders/Drill Team; July Ò MHS Cross Country team; August Ò MHS Football team; September Ò MHS Boys Soccer; October Ò MHS Girls Soccer; November Ò MHS Softball/Baseball; December Ò charity decided upon by Morgan High School. Roper said, I have kids that go to these schools. I wanted to be an active participant in helping put some money back into the schools. People pay around $10 for each trip to the dump. I figured why not give people the opportunity to save that money and help our schools at the same time. A full bin could bring in as much as $1,000 for these youth groups. Anything metal that can fit in the bin will be accepted. They will also pick up larger items such as cars or old farm equipment, and that will still count toward the school donation. If you need larger items picked up, call (801) 621-5865. You can also visit www.alliedmetalsinc.com for more information. Allied Metals will also be making donations to the welding class at the high school. Roper was excited about the chance to help kids have some hands-on experience with some fun projects. I would love to help the kids construct a bailer or a pumpkin thrower, something that they can actually see in action, commented Roper. Allied Metals and Ridley’s hope this will be a beneficial addition to the community giving residents a chance to clean up their community, recycle, and affect positive change in the local school district.

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