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District passes personal employee firearms policy


At the advice of the Utah School Boards Association, the Morgan County School Board passed a new employee personal firearms policy. Although the district did not condone the use of concealed weapons in the classroom, it did say once they have drawn their weapon, they are responsible for their actions, Superintendent Ken Adams said. The school district is not liable. When you put that weapon on you, you accept the liability, said Robert Kilmer, human resource director. The policy reads: Except for designated school resource officers, possession or use of a firearm is not required for or part of the fulfillment of the job responsibilities of any employee of the Morgan County School District. Possession or use of firearms by district employees is therefore not requested by or endorsed by the district. Any and all liability or harm arising out of an employee’s decision to possess or use a firearm will be the sole responsibility of that employee, without any recourse to or liability protection from or through the district. Adams said the policy was based on those in use in other local school districts.

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