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Common core math explained


Math classrooms are changing all over the country. In the past, most mathematical teaching was made up of a routine of correcting previous assignments, showing the students how to work through a step a by step problem, and then having the students practice the steps until mastery is obtained. Over the years we have discovered that this type of mathematical instruction is not adequately preparing students to apply their learning in a consistently changing technological society. The goal of the new common core is to change the way your child is instructed in order to better prepare them for their future in a mathematical world. The new standard is to select mathematical tasks that engage student interest and inspire curiosity and discovery. Thus providing opportunities to deepen understanding and make sense of real life problems. Teachers will be developing classroom instruction in a way that promotes investigation and encourages perseverance in problem solving. It is our hope that as we apply the new core students will develop confidence. At first it will feel different for them; they will be expected to go deeper into their understanding than ever before. More students will learn why and when we apply each math concept, rather than simply how to manipulate numbers. We believe as they dive deeper into learning it will maximize their potential and empower them for the future. As the math classroom begins to change, we can be reassured that every student who has the desire can be taught to explore, reason, problem solve and persevere as they take the steps on their journey to a new way of mathematical thinking.

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