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Early Intervention team helps Morgan kids


In close-knit communities, the announcement of a new arrival is common knowledge in just a few days. Everyone anxiously waits for the moment when the new kid on the block comes home with proud and excited parents. The day comes and everyone checks to see if this little kiddie has 10 toes, 10 fingers, two eyes, a nose and a mouth that smiles and coos. Soon, the new kid is crawling, talking, walking and is a welcome addition to the neighborhood playground. Sometimes, the new kid has trouble coming into this world. Sometimes, the new kid comes too early. Sometimes, the new kid is born with a disability like Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy. Sometimes, the new kid isn’t walking or talking. And sometimes, the new kid just has a hard time being around other people. What do proud and excited parents do when they need help for their child? Unfortunately, children don’t come with a manual to refer to. But, there is help out there, help that will come to the home and help guide parent and child through those most important years Ò birth to 3 years. Who is this masked marvel? you may ask. It is not one individual superhuman, but a team like no other. This team is the Weber/Morgan Early Intervention Program. This remarkable team has been servicing families in all of Weber and Morgan Counties for years now. It is surprising that so few people know about them. The team provides physical, occupational and speech therapies and social services. It is not only our job, but our privilege to lend a helping hand to families whose children need a little extra boost in getting to that next milestone in their development. It is a myth that a child must have a diagnosis or doctor’s referral to receive services from our program. For reasons we don’t always know or understand, some children have difficulty with eating, talking or walking. There are those little ones who can’t tolerate a light touch or never seem to get enough roughhouse play. Regardless of the reason, if that little voice inside you says that something is just not right, please give us a call. Many of the children we provide services for reach those milestones and go on to do well in the school setting. Please don’t take our word on it. Do what we all do – go to an expert Ò a parent. Parent Tassie Murray said, Even though Morgan is not a big community, we still have impressive resources. For parents here, one of the very best is Weber-Morgan Early Intervention. There’s nothing more frightening for a parent then the moment they realize something may be wrong with their child. Murray continued saying, As a parent you wonder, are you imagining the problem? Who will know for sure? Who will help? Early Intervention is there to support you with employees in every specialty of child development. They are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but they deeply care about and are dedicated to the children they come to aid. Murray praised the team and said, As a parent with a heart full of love and a head full of worry, you are not alone and help is a phone call away. I appreciate what genuine solicitude that the Weber-Morgan Early Intervention workers have for kids. It’s not just a job for them but they take a personal interest in our children. To ease your mind and to get more information, please call Weber/Morgan Early Intervention Program at 801-476-5460.

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