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Students attend science competition


We help students get excited about science through an after-school program that teaches students to think for themselves and to solve problems in science. The students do a variety of activities from November to March. We prepare students in various categories so that we can compete against other schools throughout the state. March has been a great month for all students interested in science. We have just attended our first Regional Science Olympiad at Westminster College. Our second regional will be held on March 23rd at Weber State University and State will be in April at the U of U. Any students in the middle school are able to participate. We also help interested students in developing a science fair project. These students do a lot of extra work to go and compete in the Richtey Science Fair at Weber State. It takes a lot of time and effort to go the extra mile and do this. Even as small schools, we endeavor to create opportunities for our students comparable to what is available at larger schools. The opportunities of these programs benefit this community in many ways. We are able to help students strengthen their mental abilities and think for themselves. These same students gain self-confidence and motivation for bigger and better things. As these students progress through high school and beyond they will become good employees and effective members of the community.

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