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MMS brings back school spelling bee


To promote literacy among Morgan Middle School students, the school Literacy Committee decided to continue the tradition of holding a school-wide spelling bee. In an era filled with spellcheck and autocorrect, the fundamental art of spelling remains important. Administrators and teachers see spelling bees as a way to encourage the love of learning and foster an interest in vocabulary. Each class in the entire school conducted a preliminary spelling bee. The winner of each advisory met head-to-head in a school-wide spelling bee on Monday, March 18. Those advancing to the finals in the MMS School Spelling Bee included: sixth graders Eric Christensen, TC Nelson, Michael McClellan, Megan Matthews, Hannah Jones, Brenton Dickson and Leonardo Craven; seventh graders Sydnee McGreer, Gabe Glick, Sam Lowe, Gage Malan, Beth Pobanz, Peter Christensen, Emily Carrigan, Marcie Stapley and Breanne Anderson; and eighth graders Christian McClellan, Chloe Adams, Verl Johansen, Lyman Hardman, Jacob Peterson, Kayla Streadbeck, Brock Sorenson and Jessica Slate. Beginning with 24 students, the contestants were soon whittled away, with only five students going into round six. Spelling words such as entrepreneur, deign, dialogue and accordion, it was Eric Christensen who ultimately walked away with the first place title. Breanne Anderson took a close second with a tie for third by TC Nelson and Jake Peterson. For his win, Eric Christensen was not only given a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, but will have the privilege of having his name engraved on a plaque that will be displayed near the entrance of the school.

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