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Lions Club annual hunt provides memories


The annual Morgan Lions Club Easter egg hunt is one of their most prominent activities and always a favorite event. The event was held at the Morgan Rec Plex, and as is the case each year, being right on time was imperative as the hunt was over in a matter of minutes. This event is for all kids ages 8 and below and the kids look forward to the hunt all year long. Each year the Lions and other volunteers put together approximately 500 to 600 Easter baskets. With this many baskets, a majority of children are fortunate enough to find one of the lucky marked eggs which they are able to redeem for a basket. Every resident who has been to one of these hunts has fond memories of finding that one special egg, or not finding one as the case may be. Members of the Lion’s Club love hosting these events and do it not for recognition, but out of a love for their community and the people in it. Many years they go without thanks, if you would like to personally thank the Morgan Lions Club members, they are usually found at each of their annual events wearing gold and blue vests with a Lions Club emblem. The Morgan Lions Club is always looking to add new members to their ranks. If you would love to be a member of this wonderful club and join in their service, please contact any member of the Morgan Lions Club to fill out an application. Donations for the Easter baskets and for any of their other sponsored activities are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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