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Local author draws huge crowds


Twice a year Deseret Book stores around the area fill to capacity with excited women, having a night out as many of their husbands, sons and fathers attend a special Priesthood session of General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book store provides delicious deserts and prizes are given away throughout the night. One of the highlights of these events is a live book signing. Saturday, April 6, the Deseret Book store at the Junction featured one of Morgan’s own authors, Michele Carnesecca. The store was packed aand Carnesecca was front and center. Carnesecca inscribed copies of her two most recent books: How Does the Holy Ghost Make Me Feel and What Are the Promises I Make At Baptism. While they have been in print since 2010 and 2011 respectively, they are still some of the most sought-after books. A quick search on Deseret Book’s website provides a list of nearly 1,000 children’s book titles they offer. When searching by most popular, Carnesecca’s book, How Does the Holy Ghost Make Me Feel is listed in the top five most popular books for children. While Carnesecca says, I’m not an author; I just wrote a couple of books, her books tell a different story, as do the lives she has touched. Her ability to portray the information in beautifully simple words has reached the children whom she aimed to teach. She was inspired to write How Does the Holy Ghost Make Me Feel when her oldest child, Brady, who is now 13, was about to turn 8. As she prepared him for the significant event, she wanted to teach him about the Holy Ghost. After relentless searching, she realized there wasn’t a book that fit this topic on that age level. I wanted something for my own kids, she explained. After realizing the need, she went to work and wrote the beautifully simple book and worked with illustrator Carol Shelley Xanthos to create the book she desired. She then took the next step to contact Deseret Book. I didn’t even know what to expect, she said of that first experience. After reviewing the book, Deseret Book accepted and published her work. What Are the Promises I Make At Baptism naturally followed the first book to help parents and grandparents be able to teach children the principles important to LDS families. She has two more books in the works with Faith being released late 2013 or early 2014. Following that Carnesseca will also publish a book to help children understand repentance. Not only has she felt the need for these books, but Deseret Book has too, continually working with her in partnership to offer books they know motivate, inspire and teach children. The illustrations in the books help to convey the deep meaning of the words Carnesseca has penned. One picture in What Are the Promises I Make At Baptism has a family all dressed in white. The picture and words illustrate the meaning of eternal families. The photograph the picture was drawn from is significantly different from the drawing–the photograph was missing the father who had passed away. The artist rendered the artwork to include the complete family together because family, author and illustrator believe that families are eternal and will one day be reunited. Carnesecca’s idea that she is not an author comes from the fact that she was a nurse by profession until she moved to Morgan two years ago with her husband Chad and their children. She worked in the NICU and pediatrics and then tirelessly in the lactation department instructing and motivating new moms to begin nursing. It was at this time an esteemed nurse became an acclaimed author. After years of answering the same questions and giving the same important advice, she decided to write a book. This would give mothers a resource to turn to again and again. Once again she used a simple, direct, yet informative and pleasant format in her writing. Her favorite perk of writing, she says, is an annual authors party Deseret Book hosts for any of the authors who have published during that year. Browsing through a Deseret Book catalog will give an idea of the type of caliber of writers who are invited and attend this function. She has had the pleasure of hearing Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder L. Tom Perry speak at these parties. She enjoys meeting and talking with all of the interesting people at this event. It’s been quite a ride, the author says. It’s a fun ride. While she didn’t know what would happen when she started or the process books go through to get published and out on shelves, she is happy to have learned along the way. Carnessecca’s books can be purchased at Deseret Book, Seagull Book and Amazon, as well as several other online outlets.

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