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Letter to the Editor from Darlene Musselman


In my opinion, to take more money from the pockets of Morgan residents demonstrates arrogance of the Morgan school board members and Superintendent who want to preserve or expand the status quo rather than looking for ways to cut programs, eliminate waste, and better manage existing tax revenue. The power to tax involves the power to destroy. Taxes are NOT voluntary contributions, freely given to help an organization thrive. They are confiscations of earnings, imposed with the ever present threat of force against those who fail to comply. As such, it is offensive to casually throw around the suggestion of raising taxes as if the resulting revenue magically flowed, without complaint or controversy, from the pockets of taxpayers to the coffers of the schools. The schools are always crying for more money to better fund their operations. Inventions called, LEEWAY TAXATION are exercised to furnish new pretenses for revenue and taxation. In other words, the natural inclination of the schools is to spend and to force all of us to provide financial backing. According to the Tax Foundation, Utahn’s pay an average of 9.3 percent of their income in state and local taxes. Added onto this, of course, is the burden of federal taxes which is around 15 percent for the average middle class family. Greedy Hands indeed. If the Morgan Schools can’t get by with our already heavy taxation paid to them, then it is time to have serious conservation. No more increased taxation! We need better management, balanced budgets, combined programs, and no more waste! Morgan students deserve better from school management. The Morgan tax payers demand better performance from the school administration. We, the tax payers, are paying the administration to administer our schools, not to write letters every week in the paper and campaign in our community for taxation! I believe these letters are to convince the good people of Morgan of how good of a job you are doing with our schools, but the ÷proof of the ÷pudding’ is your performance!! Do your job. We are paying you and the school personnel to do their jobs. You all are making darn good wages. Stop crying, stop spending, and work within the budget!! More money doesn’t make better teachers. I’m not a Superintendent basher or teacher basher. I believe in a good education and good performance from our teachers and administration. Allowing the school board and administration to raise our taxes at their discretion for five years is pure robbery. Go to: www.morgancountynovotedleeway.com. It will surprise you of the money Morgan spends compared to other schools and how far we are in debt! Go through all of the information. Be informed. Our schools are not going away, we aren’t going bankrupt, we aren’t firing teachers, we don’t have kids sitting on each others’ laps. Read it on the web for yourselves. It is all documented and backed up with actual facts! For our County Commissioners I would like to add the following: If Morgan County cannot afford the infrastructure, then you cannot keep approving more building lots!! If we can’t school children, police the community, repair roads and afford many other community necessities, you can’t just keep bringing in new families! We can’t afford the wants of everyone. Increasing taxes so we can comply with a developer isn’t good stewardship of what the citizens voted you to do. ~ Vote NO for the Leeway Tax! Darlene Musselman

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