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Wildflower Outdoor Grand Opening


Opening day of the new Wildflower Outdoor store on Old Highway Road brought a healthy stream of shoppers to the new store dedicated to fulfilling women’s outdoor needs. With overwhelming response and requests, they decided to extend the grand opening sale through Saturday, April 20. Wildflower Outdoor has discounted all of its event apparel by 10 percent and all other feminine gear by 20 percent. Wildflower Outdoor boasts a great selection of gear for women who enjoy road biking and mountain biking. The store seeks to provide women fashionable clothing with high function. They offer Moxie tops for road biking, with cute names like Vixon, Mullet and Retropolitan, that are even cuter than their monikers. Because serious cyclers seriously love their sport, the store even carries bicycle themed jewelry. In addition to the cycling options, Wildflower Outdoor also has a great assortment of hats, headbands, sunglasses, belts, scarves and other items for women. Hiking and running gear also have their place in this Mountain Green shop. Future plans include adding skiing and snowboarding gear. We will be organizing exercise groups, training groups and classes specifically for women so we can help and support each other on our quests to be healthy and happy wives, mothers, sisters and grandmothers, Stacie Palmer explains. Palmer co-owns Wildflower Outdoor with Erika Beckstrom, both of whom reside in Mountain Green. The pair decided to open a shop catering to women’s outdoor needs after shopping around for their own personal gear. They found women’s selections minimal or nonexistent at stores geared to outdoors. They decided to offer what they were looking for, the best women-specific gear and apparel for outdoor recreation. This store is not their first endeavor together to fill a need for women’s outdoor recreation. Last year the duo organized a women’s only road bike race: Wildflower Pedalfest. The event brought in over 900 women to our valley. The cyclists pedaled the various courses ranging from 20 to 75 miles and they want to do it again. The 2013 Wildflower Pedalfest is set for Aug. 17 and Wildflower Outdoor can provide the right gear because nobody understands what it takes to succeed like they do. Our event is awesome. Women just love it. Palmer said, It gives women a day out. The event brings women together in a common interest. While cyclists can make friends along the way, many prefer to bring sisters, daughters, mothers and friends with them. Palmer and Beckstrom also organized Wildflower Trailfest for female mountain bikers. While the Wildflower Pedalfest is unique, Wildflower Trailfest is one of a kind. Not only is it the first and only mountain bike event challenge for women in Utah, it is one of only a handful across the country. Mountain Green is an ideal spot for such an event because, not only do we have the mountains necessary for biking, we also have aesthetic beauty that inspires. The company is working on organizing group hikes and rides separate from their main events. It will be a place to bring women with the same passion for outdoors together. The employees are ready to aid the beginner to the advanced in outdoor recreation. The store is located at 5941 Old Highway Road, which is near the freeway entrance at the mouth of the Canyon in Mountain Green. Current store hours are Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hours will be extended as warmer weather invites women to the trails and roads. Currently Wildflower Pedalfest has its own facebook page. By May 1, look for a Wildflower Outdoor facebook page dedicated to the store. Contact Wildflowerpedalfest@gmail.com or (801)644-9940 for more information. You can also purchase items online at www.wildfloweroutdoor.com.

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