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Campus Connection – Extracurricular academics activities


Interscholastic extracurricular programs are vital to the positive social, physical and educational development of our students. These activities offer opportunities for service to the school and community; develop fellowship and goodwill; promote self-realization with physical, mental and emotional growth; and encourage the qualities of good citizenship. As administrators our goal is to make our athletic/activity programs complement our school’s mission statement: to achieve academic excellence and help create good citizens. It has been my experience that the students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more goal oriented, motivated to succeed and are more respectful to teachers and staff. Our community seems to place high value on our athletic teams and activity groups. Statistics show that extracurricular activities are an integral part of the total educational experience and should help support the school’s overall curriculum. As school administrators, we consider our students to be student athletes, not just students and not just athletes. We require coaching staff and supervisors to keep a constant watch on the development of student athletes in the classroom, the athletic arena, or wherever they perform. It may be of interest that the average team GPA for all spring activities and sports is an awesome 3.67. We have sent in at least 10 applications for student/athletes to receive academic all-state awards. We strive to recognize all those students who perform well academically as well as athletically with scholar athlete awards. We have asked that our teachers and coaches monitor grades weekly. We ask them to be available to help students every Wednesday morning during consultation time. With the implementation of PLCs this year, the coaches and teachers now collaborate to find better strategies to help struggling students as well. Another important role that is emphasized to our students is that we promote and emphasize good sportsmanship at all events. We also place emphasis on life lessons of good citizenship, integrity, commitment, leadership, and being a positive role model or an example. We expect every participant, coach and spectator to follow high standards of behavior. Our coaching staffs are expected to abide by the Utah High School Activities Association rules and policies, regardless of the outcome of the game. Our administration is responsible for providing a safe environment with adequate supervision for all activities and contests. All patrons of Morgan High should exemplify high moral character, in both behavior and leadership. We try to raise the bar of expectation in our community not because of winning, but because it is the right thing to do.

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