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Campus Connection – Thank you Scholarship Board


On Tuesday evening, the Morgan High School Scholarship Board held their annual scholarship awards night. Parents, patrons, sponsors, school officials and students gathered for this prestigious evening. At the ceremony 67 students received scholarships from institutions ranging from the University of Utah to colleges in Virginia and Montana. Another 52 students were awarded local scholarships from generous local businesses and private donors. Weber State University alone awarded more than $80,000 to our students. The scholarship board has come a long way since its beginnings in the mid-1990s. At that time a small group of school employees and a handful of trusted citizens sat down together and devised the idea of creating a group that could raise local funds to help students begin their college experience and to also promote more of our students with the universities and colleges within the state. Today, there are 15 active members of the committee and they are able to present scholarships on the average to more than 50 percent of the graduating class. This group is so dedicated that they meet monthly throughout the school year soliciting funds, providing training for students and parents, and assisting students in making application to the colleges and universities as well as guiding students through the search for scholarship opportunities. Their service is exemplary and deeply appreciated. This year the group was led by Erica Sorenson and Cori Morgan. I want to thank these ladies for their leadership and determination. The scholarship board represents what is great about our community: people coming together for the benefit of our children. Their acts of kindness along with those of the donors help change the lives of our youth and help them experience the blessings of a post-secondary degree. To members of the scholarship board and to the donors and institutions that gave of their monetary means to assist these students, I extend the heartfelt thanks of the district. I’m certain the parents feel much the same. I watched the faces and eyes of parents as their child was called to the front of the auditorium to receive his/her award. It was a picture of pride and satisfaction knowing that their child was being recognized for his/her efforts and goodness. Thank you members of the Morgan High School Scholarship Board!

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