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Community Spotlight -Robin & Jennie Porter


Robin and Jennie Porter of Mountain Green moved to Morgan County about 10 years ago; however, Robin has ancestral roots in the Morgan area. He is related to the Porters of Porterville through Nancy and Sanford Porter. Robin was born and raised in Clearfield, Utah. Jennie is from South Salt Lake in the West Jordan area. They met at the Weber State College ward when they both were attending college. After they married, they lived in West Point for 21 years. During that time, they added three children to their family: Shannon, Chad and Ryan. They have been married 34 years this year. Having owned several businesses, Robin is a self-made entrepreneur. Their two boys and son-in-law now run the family businesses. Both Chad and Ryan earned bachelor degrees in business management. Chad runs Redline Systems, which provides custom industrial conveyors. Robin and Chad are constantly working on custom designs to meet the customers’ needs. Chad and his wife Melissa have two children: Aubrey, 2; and Chase, who is 10 months. Chad also has two businesses of his own on the side. He designs websites, and he also does the marketing for a company which eliminates rodents and other unwanted animals. Ryan runs R&G Moulding and also works with Robin on the financial end of all the businesses. Ryan and his wife Emily have two children at present: Bridger, 4, and Ellie, 2 with another daughter (Reagan), due in June. Although she devotes most of her time to raising four children, Shannon, their daughter, is a professional photographer. Her husband Riley runs the production of the wood mill (R & G Moulding). They have four children: Madison, 12; Jack, 8; Samuel, 5; and Charlie who is 1. Jennie worked as a dental hygienist for 10 years, but now is a wellness consultant. She earned her Master’s Degree in naturopathy and homeopathy. About seven years ago, Robin and Jennie served a nine-month position in Hawaii called Entrepreneurs in Residence, which took place on the BYU Hawaii Campus. The course was offered as an elective and was for non-business majors. They lived on campus and enjoyed the culture and the students, most of whom were international students. After their initial experience, they returned for three years for the Business Class Competition to help write business plans. Robin has a genetic eye condition and now is legally blind. He is amazing. He still water skis and snow skis, takes walks, reads books on his reader for the blind, and teaches Sunday school. Jennie says she has always loved yard work and always had a garden, but after living in West Point, she struggles with Mountain Green’s shorter growing season and doesn’t do as much gardening. They spend a lot of time with their grandchildren.

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