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Kids Club finally opens doors in Mtn. Green


Opening a new business is exciting for anyone, but it takes on a whole new level of joy and relief when you have been waiting as long as Lars and Kera Birkeland, owners of Mountain Green Kids Club. The process originally began in October 2011, so the couple is elated to finally be opening their doors. Most potential business owners would have given up after such a drawn-out process, but Kera blames her stubborn streak for their perseverance. I knew how many parents were depending on us to get open. There is a huge demand. These children need a safe, fun and educational place to be while their parents work and play, said Kera. She advises others in the process to hang in there. The county is working to make things easier for new businesses to come in and every experience makes the process easier for others who follow. Parents were elated that the facility was finally open. One parent said, I am so excited to see them finally open. It is such a convenient location for us. We couldn’t be happier. The convenience and the fantastic staff were mentioned by nearly everyone when asked why they chose to have their children enrolled in this facility. Making a choice about who will care for your precious children is a difficult one. Mountain Green Kids Club has done their best to make that choice a little easier. The staff was carefully selected and the arduous process they had to go through to open ensured that every tiny safety detail was addressed. At the official grand opening, parents sat in bean bags reading to children while kids played with various puppets and toys. To the children’s delight, cotton candy and other goodies were served while parents filled out the necessary forms to enroll their children. Their goal of the Kids Club is to create a family friendly environment. If it strengthens, educates or supports families, we’ll offer it, said Kera. The club will include a full-time state licensed child care center combined with an excellent pre-school taught by licensed teachers. Classes will also be offered in tumbling, dance instruction, summer camps and art lessons. They hope to add a kindergarten extension program, as well as other classes to that list soon such as ACT prep, Love and Logic parenting, CPR/first aide and others. The center will also be available to rent for parties. A computer coding class began Thursday. The class is offered by Pluralsight, a Layton-based company. Pluralsight recently opened up free programming courses for kids on Pluralsight.com. Their team is taking the courses offline and bringing them to the Kids Club, where they will teach Java pair programming and/or C#. There are still a few things they would like to finish. There will be three windows added to the back room to provide more light, a stage and some additions to the playground. However, they are just thrilled to have their doors officially open. Mountain Green Kids Club is located at 4883 W. Old Highway Road in Mountain Green. For more information, you can visit www.mountaingreenkidsclub.com.

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