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Mountain Green LDS Church Building Celebrates 50 Years


What started out as a celebration for Mountain Green members of the LDS church became a celebration for the whole community. As it was recently found that the building housing many of the Mountain Green wards would celebrate its 50th year, Bishop Tyler Quigley and Dave Wall along with many others decided to plan a party May 11. Wanting to include everyoneÓyoung and old, people of all faiths and those from all aroundÓthey worked hard at setting up an event that would focus on the rich history of the Mountain Green area. To showcase some of this history, they set up a teepee, which lured many kids and adults over to check it out as well as learn about the many tools and furs on display. Inside the church, pictures adorned the walls spotlighting the Mountain Green area throughout the years. Linda Smith from the Morgan County Historical Society was there to field any questions and share her wealth of knowledge. Demonstrators were on hand with spinning wheels showing how to make yarn from wool and to give information on family history. In addition to learning about the heritage of the building and people in the area, they were also treated to a classic car show and hot dogs and cookies.

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