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Questar Gas requests rate increase


Questar Gas is requesting an increase in its Utah natural gas rates. If the request is approved by the Public Service Commission of Utah (PSC), the monthly bill for the typical residential customer will increase by about $3.95 on June 1. The request is part of the company’s regular gas-cost-adjustment filing to cover costs of buying natural gas for its customers. These costs are passed on to customers with no markup and therefore have no impact on the utility’s profits. The pass-through adjustments simply enable the company to change rates to reflect changes in gas-supply costs. Questar Gas typically applies to the PSC for rate changes twice yearly. Our customers have benefitted from low gas prices over the past five years and have seen several rate decreases, said Craig Wagstaff, executive vice president and COO of Questar Gas. These decreases have cut rates by about 18 percent since the summer of 2008. Now, Questar Gas’s rates need to be increased by about 7 percent to balance the amount of money we collect from customers with the amount we pay to purchase the gas they need. Our rates are consistently among the lowest in the U.S. and should remain so even after this increase, Wagstaff said. Still, we encourage customers to take steps to save money and energy by reviewing the energy-saving tips and our ThermWise conservation programs on our website, ThermWise.com. A good way to manage high winter bills is to enroll in Questar Gas’s Budget Plan, designed to help spread the annual cost of natural gas service evenly throughout the year. Customers can find more information in their June bills.

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