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Letter to the Editor – Voted Levy


Dear Editor: Growing a bountiful garden is a complex, evolving and sometimes trying process. So many influences determine the success or failure of the outcome. Is the success or failure of our children any different? Is it any less complex? Do we want our children to survive and just be fine? Or do we want them to thrive and bear loads of fruit that will give back to the world around them as they mature? We have an opportunity to help Morgan kids thrive. One area of our children’s education needs a boost of support in the form of a special election, the local voted levy proposition 1. Without it, their experience is diminished. We ought to be anxiously willing to fill the gap for their overall well-being rather than withholding and blaming. Our children have fresh air, good homes, strong values, stunning vistas, green hills and happy animals. That is why we all live and stay here. That is why they have done so well despite our extremely low per pupil spending within Morgan County School District. However, now it is time to contribute to OUR OWN CHILDREN and amend the soil. Have we looked down the road? Where does withholding our support lead us? Are we all prepared to live with that? I’m not. I support the levy. I support the levy because more funding will be available from the state if we have a levy in place. It is only available to those who take care of their own first. I agree with that principle. I support the levy because 40% of the contribution comes from non-Morgan residents who have land or business in Morgan. I support the levy because appropriate student-teacher ratio is a major contributor to school success. I support the levy because I believe the school district is purely motivated and looking ahead to solve upcoming issues because of our aggressive growth. I support the levy because our needs WILL NOT END this next year. This isn’t over. Our growth is exploding. As a last resort, after a long list of cutbacks and concessions, the school board has come to us for help so they can help our own children. We should get behind the people that are behind our kids. This is a local tax. This means local influence with tangible local benefit by those with local interest. We take care of our own. We don’t put our county in such a difficult bind that we make desperate decisions that are not in our own best interest long term. We alleviate the need to be beholden to groups we may not agree with because of their funding. We grow our business base with appropriate businesses at a pace that doesn’t negatively impact our quality of life. WE CAN FIX THIS NOW and make better decisions for the future. You with me? Vote YES on June 25th. ~ Jan Forsberg

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