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MMS eighth-grade students visit DATC


During the month of April the eighth graders had two different opportunities to explore career options and participate in hands-on activities to see what careers could meet their interests. On April 4, the students and many parent volunteers toured the DATC (Davis Applied Technology Center) and had the opportunity to see programs from each area of study that is taught there. They were able to see the following areas: School of business and Information Technology-Web and Graphic Design; School of Health Professions-Dental Assisting; School of Manufacturing-Architectural and Engineering Design; School of Service Professions-Cosmetology, Esthetician, Nail Technician; School of Construction-Heating and Air Conditioning; and the School of Transportation-Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology. The instructors discussed in-depth the opportunities available during their high school years. If students enroll in classes at the DATC during their 11-12 grades in high school, the school district will pay their tuition, which is a tremendous savings for the student. For the younger students, there are week-long summer workshops available for junior high age students that our students can attend. This gives them even further opportunities to explore their interests. DATC’s Summer Youth Experience is an amazing opportunity for grades 9-12 to explore exciting careers in Utah. The cost to attend summer programs is minimal, so each student will be limited to two classes. Registration opens May 1, 2013. Space is limited and age restrictions may apply. For additional questions about the Summer Youth Experience please visit their website at datc.edu/summer or contact them at (801) 593-2500. After completing the Youth Experience courses students may continue to attend the college tuition free by enrolling in the Summer Semester program for an additional fee. The eighth graders were also able to attend the Utah Career Fair at the Davis County Legacy Event Center. Despite the colder weather, the students were able to dig holes with a back hoe, run a mini-excavator, dump a load from a dump truck, load the bucket of a front loader and then dump it, ride a Cherry Picker up into the air, and try to hit a bucket as balls rolled down a cement truck shoot. Students were timed on how fast two people could change the tire of a car and put together cement forms and were able to see how many students would fit into a military style hum-vee. They made a sheet metal mini-tote, tried their hand at using a mini-excavator to lift a box and place it into a square hole, drilled a hole in cement, and ran an electric drill. Students were able to talk to different schools and the military about the variety of programs available. If students took advantage of all the businesses that set up a display, they could have explored at least 30 different careers. These two activities are designed to help the students explore the variety of career options available in the CTE fields. Exploring career options provides information that will help them as they enter high school and make decisions about their future opportunities of study in the educational fields.

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