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Peer tutors help special education


A huge reason we have so many individual success stories in our special education program at Morgan Middle School is because of the success of our peer tutor program. These students play a vital role in the success of some of their fellow students. Peer tutoring is an elective class for eighth-grade students. They are selected to be in the program based on grades, citizenship, attendance, attitude and desire. Students enroll in the class after filling out an application and getting a letter of recommendation from one of their teachers. Peer tutors attend classes with peers that need a little extra assistance, some good mentoring, or peer level relationships. They are expected to be good examples and help classroom teachers reach students they are assigned to. Basically they are learning to advocate in positive ways for themselves and others. We have been blessed to have some incredible peer tutors. They go the extra mile to include students in and outside of our school walls. They form friendships with students that otherwise may not have many friends. They explore a career in helping and educating others. Many have gone on to pursue degrees in education and become teachers. They help make our school a good place to be.

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