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School board approves fee schedule changes


The Morgan County School Board voted to approve fee changes for preschoolers, sixth graders, DATC students, and some high school students. Morgan Elementary School preschool fees are changing to $148 monthly for a four-day program and $179 for a five-day program. Due to new legislation, schools are allowed to charge sixth graders fees. Before, Morgan Middle School was absorbing these fees and sixth grade field trips were not guaranteed, said Principal Terry Allen. The new fees will be a non-refundable $50 book fee, a $5 transportation fee for fieldtrips, a $7.50 My Access fee, and a $2 technology education fee. Other fees include optional $20 PE uniform fee and an optional $25 yearbook fee. Seventh graders’ fees remained the same, including fees similar to the sixth grade fees above as well as a $15 career technology education fee and a $5 physical education fee. Eighth graders don’t have a CTE fee, but do have a $5 FACS fee. Fees for the Davis Applied Technology College are changing as well. Instead of various monthly charges, the school will now charge a flat $75 annual fee for secondary students. Culinary arts, dental assisting and esthetician courses will carry additional semester fees on top of the annual $75 fee. We had kids dropping out because they couldn’t afford it, said Robert Kilmer. He said the change will make the DATC more affordable and should help the success of the programs. The high school sport and activity participation fee increased from $75 to $100. The travel fee for all athletics and activities including band, choir, drama, cheer and drill increased to $50. New this year will be a $15 football helmet reconditioning fee. The school has 60 reconditioned helmets that are over 10 years old. New guidelines say helmets can only be reconditioned twice. One new helmet can cost up to $380, Principal Wade Murdock said.

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