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Jacob Allen became one of our county’s youngest Eagle Scouts when he received the prestigious award on April 28 at the age of 13. Jacob, along with his parents, project manager Frayne Spens and about 20 other volunteers, expended 150 combined hours planning, building and installing a 38-foot long, disability-accessible wheelchair ramp for a retirement community nestled in a trailer park in Farr West. The portable ramp can be used at different trailers, as needed. Jacob said the greatest thing about his project was seeing the smile on people’s faces and having a positive impact on the community. Home Depot donated about two-thirds of the wood that was used, with the remainder being acquired with monetary contributions from neighbors. Jacob lives in Mountain Green, is a member of Troop 176 and currently attends eighth grade at Morgan Middle School. He plans to spend his high school years trying to get as many merit badges as possible.

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