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Morgan County Fair Quilt Auction


Every year the residents of Morgan County look forward to the quilt auction at the county fair. In order for this auction to be a success, donations are needed. The annual quilt auction is always a hit. Residents and past participants hold fond memories of helping grandmothers, aunts and mothers tie and stitch quilts for family donations. Quilts that are purchased become treasured family heirlooms passed down to future generations. All quilt auction proceeds go back to the fair budget for specific projects to further benefit our future fairs and the community. The auction will be held on Saturday, August 3. Quilts of any size: queen; king; double; twin; crib; and baby are welcome. The fair committee appreciates the wide variety of quilts, colors and sizes that have been donated each year. Quilts may be turn into Sandey Johansen at 801-876-3470, Barbara Thurston at 801-829-3710, or Lyletta Searle at 801-829-6511.

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