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Scouts from Highlands honored


Unit 576 conducted their father and son overnight campout and scout court of honor in the small amphitheater and park recently established behind their church building next to the Mountain Green cemetery. This was the first Court of Honor following all the winter high adventure, athletic and troop programs the Scouts have participated in since September. A total of 18 merit badges, 6 rank advancements and 86 Varsity pins were presented to the young men by their Scout leaders. The program was conducted by Star Scout K C Broadhead, who is also working to earn his communication merit badge. Following the Boy Scout awards, wood badge beads were presented to Lydia Nuttall, member of the Crew Committee, by Mark Altice patrol guide for the owl patrol. Harry Bakken, patrol guide for the antelope patrol presented wood badge beads to Nuttall’s dad, Ken Wallace, unit committee chairman. Bishop Lane then presented the Duty to God award and the scout religious On My Honor award to Leif Lofgren, Christian Cox, Tyler Moake and Cody Standing. Team Coach Rick Barnes completed the awards presentation with the Scout Master’s Minute. An inspiring and patriotic American Flag Retirement Ceremony for eleven damaged flags was conducted by Scout Master Carl Hipwell. We were honored to have Air Force Tech. Sgt. Darrin Sather and his son Jackson with us. Darrin and Jackson were the first team to burn one of the damaged flags commemorating those military men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Following the burning of the flags, guest speaker Sgt. Sather expressed his appreciation for our American flag and the meaning of freedom it has throughout the world including South Korea where he recently served. A patriotic welcome home was provided earlier to Darrin. The troop who lined his street and driveway with over 70 flags. A very inspirational conclusion for a well attended court of honor ceremony for our deserving venture, varsity and boy scouts. Following the retiring of the colors, Jim Hurst, a veteran army ranger from the Korean War, gave the closing prayer.

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