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Principals share school enrollment figures


At Morgan Elementary School, one of the smallest classes of fifth graders completed their school year in May. The kindergarten class that has registered for the upcoming 2013-14 year is about 20 students larger than the fifth graders that recently completed the school year, said Principal Tim Wolff. The 116 registered kindergarteners represent a typical class size, Wolff said. The 2012-13 kindergarten class was large with 128. In all, compared to the 2012-13 school year, the 2013-14 year is seeing a reduction of about 10 students, Wolff said. The loss of a third grade teacher will see third grade class sizes over 30, he said. At Mountain Green Elementary School, staff is projecting a total of 537 students, an increase of 25 students or about five in each grade. The 2012-13 kindergarten class size was 100, while the upcoming kindergarten class size is less at 77. With the loss of one teacher, Principal Tom McFarland said the third grade could experience class sizes of up to 33 students. Morgan Middle School is set to begin the 2013-14 year with 567 students, said Principal Terry Allen. The average class size will be about 28. However, seventh and eighth grade classes will see higher class sizes. For example, eighth grade science classes could see as many as 35 students. Allen is predicting an increase of five students in each class. Morgan High School ended the 2012-13 year with 767 students and anticipates beginning the next school year with 771 students. The school will also welcome 15 foreign exchange students and expects 25 new students attributable to growth. Principal Wade Murdock said his earth science system classes could see as many as 45 students. A class that big would have to be held in the auditorium. Most classes will be close to 30 students. If growth is steady, class sizes will increase, Superintendent Ken Adams said. Steady growth and increasing class sizes is the pattern.

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