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School board holds budget hearing


The Morgan County School Board reviewed and unanimously accepted the final fiscal year 2013 budget Tuesday. Business Manager D’Lynn Poll said the school district collected more redemption taxes than usual this year and tax collection rates are up. Redemption taxes are property taxes that land owners have failed to pay in years past. In past years, as much as $500,000 in uncollected taxes stayed on the books. This year, only about $110,000 remains uncollected, Poll said. Poll said fee in lieu is also up this year. These are fees paid annually to register motor vehicles. In the past, the fees were paid directly to the county where the vehicle was registered. Now, the fees are paid to the State Tax Commission and after collection, the state issues a percentage of the fees to each county. For the last two years, I over-budgeted what the state would give us, Poll said. After consulting with the county assessor, Poll said it was still difficult to predict how much each county would get from the state. Poll said she therefore lowered her budget, but that fees came in higher than she budgeted. Poll also said maintenance for the new Trojan Century Center is less than what she had budgeted. Since the building’s electricity is tied in with the high school’s, it is difficult to nail down exact electricity rates. However, the building’s separate gas meter makes it easy to pinpoint that those bills are less than expected. I projected high based on square footage, Poll said. We are going to be under the budget projected for the Trojan Century Center. No one signed up for public comment during the budget hearing.

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