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Fair 4H projects planned


Summer is in full swing and for many Morgan youth that means working on 4H projects. Now is the time to start planning and preparing items to be entered in the Morgan County Fair. Working on 4H projects during the summer keeps kids active, learning and creating. Entering items in the fair can give them a sense of pride. On top of that they receive cash premiums that allow even the youngest members to have their own money to spend at the fair. This can be fun and the beginning of creating a budget for a child. It is not too late to participate in 4H this summer; however, in order to enter items in the fair, kids need to be signed up prior to July 1. Those signing up after the deadline will have the opportunity to participate in 4H activities throughout the summer but will not be qualified to enter projects in the fair. Cloverbuds are able to enter up to four projects. These young participants, ranging from those just leaving kindergarten to those entering the third grade, will each receive a participatory ribbon and $1 premium. These items will not be judged but will proudly be displayed in the exhibit building with the other 4H items submitted by older 4H members. Cloverbud participants have worked on projects in the afterschool program, Cloverbud 4H Camp, and Summer 4H in the park. Any of these projects, as well as others they complete at home, can be entered. 4H members in third grade through high school seniors are not limited to the number of items they can enter. These members are encouraged to enter as many planned and thoughtfully prepared projects as they desire to complete. Judges will award blue, red and white ribbons based on merit, and participants will earn $3, $2, and $1 respectively. 4H has a broad scope of what can be entered. Amanda Christensen, Extension Assistant Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences/4-H, is confident she will be able to find a category for any project a 4H member would like to enter. I hope the 4H projects are varied, Christensen said of the exhibits. The Arts and Crafts category has traditionally been one of the most popular, possibly because the wide array of articles that can be entered in this area. Sewing has also been a favorite category from simple pillow cases to intricate quilts. The 4H group was pleased to receive many entries in the Garden Vegetables category last year. This can be difficult as Morgan has a short growing season and our county fair is earlier than many other counties, however there was an impressive showing last year. Families can work in the garden together and 4H members can enter produce from their hard work. Each item must be pre-registered online through an easy process at https://utah4hreg.usu.edu/cf. Items (with the exception of baked goods) are to be entered Monday, July 29, from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the 4H area in the Exhibit Building. Baked goods will be accepted from 8 a.m. Ò 9 a.m. Items must be picked up on Monday, August 3, between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. More information will be included in the fair book that will be distributed throughout the community in the next few weeks. To sign up for 4H or for any other 4H questions, contact the Morgan County Extension Office in the Courthouse, 48 W Young Street. Phone: (801) 829-3472. Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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