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Voted local levy defeated


Almost half of the registered voters in Morgan County turned out to the polls Tuesday night to defeat the proposed Morgan County School District voted local levy. About 30 people gathered at the county offices late Tuesday night to view the results: 64.41 percent (1,600 votes) against, 35.59 percent (884 votes) for. Of 5,495 registered voters, 45 percent visited the polls (2,485 voters). Voter turnout was highest in the Croydon District, where 66 percent of registered voters cast their votes strictly by absentee ballot. Compared to the other six voting districts, the Croydon District also had the highest percentage (80.7 percent) of voters voting against the levy. Voter turnout was lowest in the Mountain Green District at 38.8 percent. The district with the highest percentage voting for the levy was North Morgan, where 43 percent cast ballots supporting the levy. Official results will be unveiled at the July 9 canvas, where absentee and provisional ballots will be included in the final tally. As of Tuesday, 137 absentee ballots were still out. To be included in the July 9 canvas, the absentee ballots must be postmarked by June 24 or earlier.

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