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City Council welcomes guest councilmember


Concerned resident Lily Mecham wrote to Morgan City Mayor Jim Egbert about a danger she identified. She worried about the Riverside Park playground and splash pad being so close to the river. Eight-year-old Mecham suggested a fence along the river could help protect children from falling in. She offered to help with fund-raising and getting other people to help. The mayor quickly responded to her with a personal letter. While he regretted the city would not be able to place a fence in the area because of liability, he let her know her concerns were important and invited her to attend a city council meeting. Mecham was invited to sit with the council, and was allowed to read her letter of concern. The mayor said the city will be placing signs warning of the danger near the area. Mecham said she wrote to the mayor because there is a problem in the park. I thought it was cool, Mecham said of being listened to by the mayor and council. She says she is inspired to help others when she gets older. She was particularly fond of Councilwoman Shelly Betz.

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