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Mountain Green teen attains perfect ACT score


Anyone who has taken the ACT test knows what a grueling process it is. You go into a silent room and pour over question after question, wondering at each answer if you were going to do well. Clark Walthers of Mountain Green was determined to get a perfect score on this test. He took the exam several times in order to walk away with the most coveted of all scores, a perfect 36. On June 8, he took the test for the final time and was thrilled when he got the results. He had finally improved on the writing portion of the exam and came away with his perfect score. I was really excited because this was the last time I was going to take the test, said Walthers. Walthers attends West High School. He said, It is worth it for me to drive the extra distance to West High because they have the IB program that most Utah schools don’t have. The program he is referring to is the International Baccalaureate program that allows students to complete college courses while attending high school. The program uses curriculum designed to be accepted at universities around the world. After graduation, Walthers intends to pursue a degree in material science.

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