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Oklahoma youth group shares God’s love with Morgan kids


Riverside Park was full of children, laughter, games and Bible stories during the Party in the Park last week presented by Morgan Grace Fellowship. The party was led by a group of youth that traveled to our small town all the way from Tonkawa, Oklahoma. These members of the Oklahoma First Baptist Church entertained local youth for three days while sharing God’s love, said event organizer Jerry Hook. These youth worked so hard to get here. They raised $350 a piece to come to Morgan just so that they could share the joy they have found. They are all such good kids, beamed Hook. Each youth was interviewed before the trip and did tough jobs like cleaning barns, clearing ditches and washing cars. They raised $4,000 all together for the group to make the journey. Hook shared much appreciation for the Farr family as well as Jeff and Sandy Hurlbut, who provided meals and places to stay for the Oklahoma youth group. Most people think of the Westboro Baptist group when they hear about any Baptist church from the South. We are not affiliated with that group. We are all about sharing the happiness that we have found. We just want to share God’s love and let all these young people feel how much God loves them, commented Hook. The youth really enjoyed interacting with the local kids. They got down on their level and played games, sang songs, told Bible stories, completed crafts and ended the day with a devotional. The kids all had smiles on their faces as they were participating in each area. Many parents commented on how thrilled they were to have this group travel all this way just to share such a great message with their kids. There were 30 kids the first day, 45 kids the second day and nearly 60 kids the third day. Several members of the group promised to take a pie to the face if they reached those numbers, and take a pie to the face they did. Members of Morgan Grace Fellowship organized the event locally and Hook said they couldn’t have done it without them. Morgan Grace has been such a positive influence in our community. They provide service around every corner and we are happy to have them in town.

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