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Washington Heights volunteer in Morgan


As Washington Heights volunteers finished up their week-long service at her home, Angela Hubble reminisces while reading through a journal kept to remind her of her experiences. Each of the workers has added a few words of their love as she has penned her own words of gratitude. After leaving Utah for two years and renting out their home, Angela and her husband John returned home knowing that their 1901 home would need work. What they didn’t realize was exactly how much work would be needed and how much their home had fallen into disrepair while they were gone. With a recently diagnosed neurological condition taking up much of her and her husband’s time, Angela had no idea how they would accomplish such a large feat. Fortunately volunteers from the Washington Heights Community church were there to step in. To the Hubble family this meant the world to them and Angela shares that every day she has cried tears of happiness. As volunteer Kathy Kippen states, It’s not about the houses, it’s about the people and the relationships.

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